Knowing Us

How did it all start?cropped-cropped-CreativeThreads-logo-new-tiny.jpg

It all started with some doodles, which was sold on T-shirts as prints individually. It was something we did just for some entertainment and fun. Our unofficial establishment date is somewhere in January 2014.

Then we started designing and drawing heavily and professionally. Gradually over time, we improved our skills, our hardware and our software.

Our first online store was born more than a year later, in September 2015. The first store was called “The American Store”. The first collection offered by store were just 10 designs on 250 apparels for everyone to choose from. In over 2 years now, we offer over 700,000 apparels from our Premium Store (earlier known as “American Store”)

Our B&W store was launched on January 2016, exactly 2 years after our inception in 2014. This store offers everything exclusively in Black & White. We updated our designs specially for Black & White lovers. With the launch of the B&W store, our collection of apparels went up to 800,000 clothing for you to choose from.

Our designs are available in our Premium and B&W stores on Premium American, European brands for our global customers. You are the Men, Women, Teenagers, Kids and Babies, who keep on trending our new fashion.

Today, are the Fashion Trends Setters, creating exclusively for the “new” you are looking for. Where we dare to wear our attitude! This fall in 2016, we are launching our own apparels, our own designs, and our own fashion trends in India. We are creating our very own and new range of stylish, fashionable and unique clothing for you to choose from. We are making in India.

OurFazzion Store

You all asked for it, you have waited for it, so we decided to bring it to you.

Your favorite American Store is now coming to India, this Fall season. That’s not all, we are Making in India, for you all lovely people in India. Follow us on Facebook, and on Instagram, for our latest updates, promotions, and other details about our products launch in India. We will be uploading our latest product images and their details very soon.

You will be able to shop your favorite collection online here on our website. Shopping Cart for India launching with the product launch.

If you are buying for yourself, or you are a reseller or a wholesaler, keep a look out for our announcements and launch offers on her website and our social media pages.

You can let us know your bulk interest in advance, and you will be the first to hear from us.

Write to us at info [@]

Premium Store

Our first store, also can be called the design store. We offer our designs, to be printed on branded American & European apparels. All materials, printing, packing, shipping, returns, are handled by our partners. There are over 70+ apparels available at the Premium store for you to choose from, for Men, Women and Babies, for all seasons. You can choose:

Men’s Apparel:
T-shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jacket’s & Vests, Long Sleeves, Tank Tops, Sportswear, Organic T-shirt
Women’s Apparel:
T-shirts, Pregnancy T-shirt, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jacket’s & Vests, Long Sleeves, Tank Tops, Sportswear, Organic T-shirt
Kid’s Apparel:
T-shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jacket’s & Vests, Underwear

B&W Store

Exclusively designed for our Black&White lovers. All designs offered in the store are modified to your love for B&W colors. All designs printed on branded American and European branded apparels. All materials, printing, packing, shipping, returns, are handled by our partners. There are over 42+ products are available at the B&W store for you to choose from, for Men, Women and Babies, for all seasons.

Although we have kept our focus on B&W apparels in this store, our partners have more to offer you, in colors and products at the store. Products available in the B&W Store are:

T-shirts & Hoodies, Unisex T-shirt, Unisex Tank Top, Women’s T-shirt, V-neck T-shirt, Racerback Tank, Baseball 3/4 sleeve, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, Hoodie (Pullover), Hoodie (Zipper), Women’s Fitted Scoop neck T-shirt, Women’s Fitted V-neck T-shirt, Women’s Relaxed Fit T-shirt, Graphic T-shirt, Leggings, Pencil Skirts, Scarves, Kids Clothes (One Piece Short Sleeve, One Piece Long Sleeve, Baby T-shirt, Kids T-shirt)
Other Products:
Gadget Skins & pouches – iPhone Cases & Skins, Galaxy Cases & Skins, iPad Cases & Skins, Laptop Skins, Laptop Sleeves, Studio Pouches
Stationary – Posters, Spiral Notebooks, Hardcover Journals, Stickers
Bags – Tote bags, Drawstring bags
Home decor – Throw Pillows, Duvet Covers
Drinkware – Coffee Mugs, Travel Mugs

Our Store Currencies are different!

Premium Store: Store currency is USD $, however, you can pay in any currency of your choice

B&W Store: Store currency is USD $, however, you can pay in any currency of your

OurFazzion Store: Store accepts INR ₹ currency only

Where are we located?

We are an online store, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

We are in your pockets and on your desk. You can reach us from your mobiles or laptops.

Our Store Policies

All items you purchase through our online stores are different for each other. The B&W and Premium Store policies are handled directly by our partners, including:

  • Materials
  • Printing
  • Shipping
  • Returns/Refunds
  • Terms & Policies

To know more about OurFazzion Store policies take a look at our Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy documents.

Are you Wholesaler or Reseller?

Yes! We offer bulk discounts to Wholesalers and Resellers. Bulk discounts start at minimum order quantity of 50 items.

There are two ways to contact us for Bulk Discounts:

Email: info[@]

Note: Bulk purchase option is only available on our products in the OurFazzion Store launched in India.

Corporate Deals

Planning an R&R for your team OR preparing your customer facing attire OR  just that casual friday with some corporate branding blended into the team spirit. We understand how the attire of your team can speak for your company. We believe in building and nurturing corporate culture. We know that the corporate culture is the backbone of every company, and every company speaks it’s own language with its own finesse.

From your logo, to planned team building exercises, to an excursion, to an event, to an annual function… we will build the designs for you. Make every event a hallmark to be remembered for years to come. It’s not just the photographs that you will cherish, but you will wear it with pride for lasting memories.

And, we will do it in style, with quality that is unparalleled to our competition. We design, and make in India. We thrive for lasting relationships, and understand, only a good quality of our products and services, will bring you back to us. We will bring you satisfaction… guaranteed!

Contact us for more details.